Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aloo Methi

Ingredients (for 2 people) :

1) A small bunch of Methi leaves
2) 2 medium-sized onions
3) 2 medium-sized tomatoes
4) 2 medium-sized potatoes
5) Sugar to taste
6) Salt to taste
7) Red chilli powder to taste
8) Oil
9) Hing to taste
10) Turmeric powder to taste
11) Mustard seeds


1) Clean and chop the methi leaves into small pieces. Chop the onions, tomatoes and potatoes into small pieces and keep each of them separately.
2) Heat some oil in a pressure cooker and add mustard seeds. Allow them to splutter and then add hing.
3) Then add the onion and cook for some time.
4) Add the tomatoes and cook till they are soft.
5) Then add the potatoes and the chopped methi leaves. Add salt, sugar, red chilli powder and turmeric powder to taste. Add water and pressure cook for a while. That's it!

Tastes good with chappatis.


Me said...

Looks pretty good. Sugar? Gujju style?

Priya Iyer said...

it tastes pretty good too! yep, it is a gujju-style dish... somehow, i don't like it without a touch of sugar...

mitr_bayarea said...
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Priya Iyer said...
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Me said...

I tried it, liked it and posted it on my blog when you were on vacation...

Priya Iyer said...

oh, that's gr8... glad u liked it...

still haven't been around to visit all your blogs... will check out soon :)

Suko said...

Looks good--and spicy!

Priya Iyer said...


welcome here and thanks! it is not at all spicy!! try it out some time..