Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cabbage/Molai Keerai/Sorakkai Mor Kootu

This is one of my favourite South Indian dishes, which goes well with rasam/sambar rice and with rotis. This is somewhat similar to avial. I learnt this from my mother, who, in turn, learnt this from her mother. :)

Ingredients (for 2 people):

1. 1/2 cabbage, chopped finely
2. Curd
3. Salt to taste
4. Green chillies to taste
5. Jeera (cumin) to taste
6. Dessicated coconut (fresh) to taste
7. A little toor dal
8. A little chana dal
9. Turmeric powder to taste
10. Oil for tadka
11. Mustard seeds for tadka
12. Hing powder to taste


1. Grind the dessicated coconut, jeera, green chillies, chana dal and toor dal to a paste.
2. Heat a little oil in a cooker. Add the hing powder and mustard seeds. Allow the mustard seeds to splutter.
3. Add the cabbage and cook for a while, adding the turmeric powder and salt to taste.
4. When it is half cooked, add the coconut and green chillies paste. Mix well.
5. Close the cooker and add weight. Cook for about 3 whistles.
6. Add curd just before serving and mix well.


1. You can also add fresh green peas along with the cabbage.
2. We commonly use cabbage or molai keerai to make this kootu, though bottle gourd (sorakkai) can also be used.
3. The curd is added just before serving to ensure that it does not become too sour.
4. The curd should neither be too sour, nor too bland, for the kootu to turn out well.
5. The chana dal and toor dal are added while grinding the coconut and green chillies to ensure that the kootu does not turn too watery.


Swaram said...

Wow! Never thot curd and cabbage cud go well :)

Priya Iyer said...


They do very well together! Try it out, you might be surprised at the result! :)