Monday, September 13, 2010

Chocolate Fudge

This is a highly customised version of chocolate fudge that we have been making at home since years. Taught to me by mom. Probably, it isn't even authentic chocolate fudge, but that has never mattered. All that matters is that it is is chocolate and it is yummy. And it is very, very simple to make. :)

Ingredients (for 2 people):

1) 1 cup low fat milk cream ( I use 200 ml of Amul non-sweetened milk cream. It comes to just about 1 cup)
2) 1 cup sugar, a little here or there, according to taste
3) Cocoa powder to taste
4) Ghee for greasing a plate


1. Grease a plate with ghee and keep aside.
2. In a heavy-bottomed pan, heat a little water and add the sugar to it. Keep stirring till the sugar dissolves.
3. Add the cream to it and mix well.
4. Add cocoa powder to taste, stirring well, so that no lumps are formed. I add the cocoa powder depending on the colour of the mixture and the taste - it should be just the right chocolate-ey flavour for you.
5. Take off from heat when the mixture is of halwa consistency, and transfer it to the greased plate. Allow to cool.
6. Serve in small bowls, with chopped cashews sprinkled on top.

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